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Pastor Artur warns that Canada has fallen to Tyranny

Listen closely as Pastor Artur's son, Nathaniel, delivers a passionate speech before the European Parliament, calling for help against the increasing persecution of Christians, especially pastors, in Canada. Then, Pastor Artur delivers a deeply moving and compelling speech about Canada's descent into tyranny.

It is crucial for every Canadian to take action, for if Pastor Artur falls, our very rights and freedoms will be in grave danger. This affects us all, and you could be the next target. Don't wait, join the fight today!

Help FREE PASTOR ARTUR PAWLOWSKI and defend freedoms in Alberta!

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is facing up to 10 years in jail for simply delivering a sermon to the Truckers in 2022 during the Freedom Convoy. This trumped-up charge of "inciting mischief" is a serious threat to his freedom, and it could set a dangerous precedent for all Canadians.

Use the Canadian Bill of Rights & Freedom Act 1960.

Call and write to the contacts below and demand that they drop the bogus charges of eco-terrorism and "inciting mischief" against Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

Premier Danielle Smith
[email protected]

Justice Minister: Mickey Amery
[email protected]
[email protected]

Constituency Office:
brooks,[email protected]

Police Chief:
Mark Neufeld: 403-428-5900

Canada's future is at stake. If the government succeeds in taking down Pastor Artur, everyone's rights and freedoms will be in serious jeopardy. Don't wait until it's too late – take action now!

Consider making a donation to support Pastor Artur's legal team at [email protected].


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