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Message from the President of the Solidarity Movement of Alberta

Message from the President of the Solidarity Movement of Alberta:

We have a super bright future ahead and 2023 has shaped up to be a year of tremendous growth. This jubilee year has so far brought a brand-new party, with a brand new type of leader. A type of leader that is genuine and truly wants accountability and clarity in government. A return to law and order. A return to the thugs and criminals worrying about arrests and not Pastors feeding the most vulnerable. 

Pastor Artur truly wants great successes for your families. For all future generations. Pastor Artur is very much pro family and strives to allow parents to command their families in accordance with the families’ beliefs. 

He does not bend the knee to government and does not wish to make you bend the knee either. He will never back down, never take bribes, refusing to stay quiet, never stopping in the pursuit of truth. 

We have a leader who is tried, tested and true. A leader that has tended to the needy for almost a quarter of a century and has taken 340 citations, jailed 18 times and spent 51 days in jail for doing his job of being a Pastor and shepherding the lost and lonely. This track record of humane treatment for all of humanity is legendary and shows that Pastor Artur as a political leader is willing to take all kinds of adversity to be successful in representing the people. 

Solidarity Movement of Alberta is different from the parties of old. This is a Movement and under Pastor Artur’s leadership, this Movement only moves in one direction. Forward. Solidarity Movement of Alberta is on the March and the enemy is on the run. The opposition is super fearful of Pastor Artur and his Movement because it includes every man, woman, and child. If you are a human being and want a super bright future for your children, and their children and so on, Solidarity Movement of Alberta is the home for you. 

As the President of this great Movement, I proudly stand in Solidarity with Pastor Artur and the great people of this beautiful province. I strongly encourage you to check out our beautiful new website. Become valued members, make donations and become volunteers to help build this Movement. Spread the beautiful message that there is a Movement building in Alberta and that it is changing the world.

 The most exciting ticket in the Liberty Movement is Solidarity Movement of Alberta. Alberta has a super bright future, let’s build this bright future together. 

Solidarity style! 

God bless and Godspeed!

Nick Lauritsen 
President, Solidarity Movement of Alberta


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