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  • commented on Alberta court declares Hinshaw's public health orders violated Charter freedoms 2024-02-10 21:59:48 -0700
    Government overreach. If there are reasoning and level headed judges, a lot of “Government Overreach” can be corrected. Not saying that it can be prevented, because review and analysis usually only comes after the fact. But the laws implemented by the Alberta government, and the Emergencies Act by the idiot in Ottawa are only a sample of this. Both struck down in the legal arena. The idiots that get elected are NOT (1) Medical Experts (2) Business Experts (3) Economic and Financial Experts (4) Some of them may be Legal Experts. But before making any decisions in any one of these arenas they should get the advice from recognized SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) Based on these past Legal rulings, there should be a “Class Action Suit” against the Calgary City Hall and particularly against the individual who pushed the agenda. They added Fluoride to the Calgary drinking water, affecting the health of over 1.4 million people. Insufficient medical advise, or maybe no, or ignored medical advice. Most cities in Europe have removed Fluoride from their drinking water, because studies imply that it has negative neurological effects. Over many years of consumption, can contribute to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Dementia etc. But that is OK, the medical people in the major cities around the world know nothing compared the Calgary City Hall. And the teeth of a few substandard hygiene children are more important than, not being able to avoid neurological problems for 1.4 million in their later life. I have installed Fluoride filters in my home, that I pay taxes for, hoping that the idiots down at City Hall might spend the money wisely.