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We can't do this without your help!

We are a response to the tyranny of the government of Alberta and Canada.   
We stand in solidarity for the protection and restoration of our God-given rights & freedoms. 
We offer a place to bring together Albertans of all walks of life, regardless of colour, ethnicity, political leaning or vaccine status.

Help Us Unite Albertan's and Say No! to Tyranny

We Say NO! to Government Corruption
We Say NO! to Religious Prosecution
We Say NO! to Vaccine Mandates
We Say NO! to 15 Minute Cities
We Say NO! to Gun Grabs
We Say NO! to Net Zero
We Say NO! to Digital IDs
We Say NO! to Central Bank Digital Currencies 
We Say NO! to ALL WEF Influence
We Say NO! to Wokeism
We Say NO! to Men Competing in Women Sports
We Say NO! to the Mutilation of Children

Your donation will help us stop Communism from destroying Alberta once and for all! 

Your generous donations allow us to: 
  • Plan and host in person and online speaking events
  • Create and print rack cards, leaflets, lawn signs and other educational and marketing materials
  • Produce engaging digital marketing campaigns and video content
  • Advertise online, on radio, in newspapers and on billboards
  • Maintain our website and online database

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