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Alberta's Legal Injustice: The Disturbing Treatment of Pastor Artur Pawlowksi

September 18, 2023

PRESS RELEASE Solidarity Movement of Alberta (SM) denounces the legal proceedings against Pastor Artur Pawlowski.Charges against Pawlowski breach Canada's criminal code protecting clergy.Alberta's government faces accusations of double standards and law-breaking.SM warns of escalating systemic corruption if such injustice is allowed to go unchallenged....

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The Persecution of Nathaniel Pawlowski: Fundamental Freedoms Under Attack

August 23, 2023

In Canada, we pride ourselves on our values of freedom and democracy. Our Constitution protects fundamental freedoms such as freedom of expression, religion, and assembly. However, recent events have shown that these values are under attack. Nathaniel Pawlowski, the son of outspoken Calgary Pastor...

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Pastor Artur warns that Canada has fallen to Tyranny

July 10, 2023

Listen closely as Pastor Artur's son, Nathaniel, delivers a passionate speech before the European Parliament, calling for help against the increasing persecution of Christians, especially pastors, in Canada. Then, Pastor Artur delivers a deeply moving and compelling speech about Canada's descent into tyranny. It...

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